Open Run

This is an opportunity for boys, girls, men and women to compete on a nightly, weekly, monthly or seasonal basis playing pickup basketball. Registration is on a first come first serve basis as we limit the amount of participants in the group. 

Payment should be made online or in person at the training facility prior to the start of the first open run session. If there is room after the program starts, we will prorate the fee. 

Individuals may not stay past their allotted timeframe unless they individual used a second session for that one day. 

For businesses, organizations or individual people seeking to establish a lunch time, evening or weekend group email with your request. A representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

Individual Pass:

$20 per session (payments to be made up front)
With the individual pass you are allowed to participate with your specific group (example: elementary, middle, high school, and adult). You cannot participate in open run activity if it does not fall under your category. However, we will intertwine high school students with college students and adults. There will be specified dates and times for each group located under the calendar on our website. For more information about the individual pass you can contact us (link to contact info here) This is an opportunity for players to compete on a nightly, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and or yearly basis. All members have first priority in open run. Individual’s who purchase an individual pass will be able to participate once all the members have come in. After a ten-minute window individuals will be able to participate if those with memberships have not been reached. Each individual pass must complete a waiver form and identification is required. If you are under the age of 18 the individual must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Participants may be able to roll over sessions provided we have that specific group (example: elementary, middle, high school, and adult). If we do not have the specific group offered at the specific time we will not allow that roll over to occur. 

Session Dates and Times:

Summer Open Run:

  Dates: Times: Prices:
Monday Group 6/13-8/22 6pm-8pm $200
Monday Group 6/13-8/22 8pm-10pm $200
Tuesday Group 6/14-8/13 6pm-8pm $200
Tuesday Group 6/14-8/13 8pm-10pm $200
Wednesday Group 6/15-8/24 6pm-8pm $200
Wednesday Group 6/15-8/24 8pm-10pm $200
Thursday Group 6/16-8/25 6pm-8pm $200
Thursday Group 6/16-8/25 8pm-10pm $200

Fall Open Run:

  Dates: Times: Prices:
Thursday Group 9/1-11/3 4pm-6pm $200
Thursday Group 9/1-11/3 6pm-8pm $200
Thursday Group 9/1-11/3 8pm-10pm $200
Friday Group 9/2-11/4 4pm-6pm $200
Friday Group 9/2-11/4 6pm-8pm $200
Friday Group 9/2-11/4 8pm-10pm $200

Gun Times: $200

  Dates: Times: Prices:
Saturday Group 9/3-11/5 8am-10am $200
Saturday Group 9/3-11/5 10am-12pm $200
Saturday Group 9/3-11/5 12pm-2pm $200
Saturday Group 9/3-11/5 2pm-4pm $200
Saturday Group 9/3-11/5 4pm-6pm $200

Christmas Break Clinic:

Dates: Prices:
12/26-12/30 $120