Are you a high school, prep school or college player looking to find a college or university to play basketball? If so, Drive4Stardum recruiting services can assist you with achieving your goals. 

Thomas Jackson III 2014-2015 Junior Season

We are an organization whose main purpose is to turn potential into success using the sport of basketball as a vehicle to go to the next level. Drive4stardum takes great pride in helping student athletes in high school; prep school or college transfer students get into a scholarship/merit based scholarship situation.

 Drive4Stardum recruiting services have placed student athletes into some wonderful opportunities that meet the needs of each individual. We have placed several athletes into prep schools, colleges and universities over the last five years. The goal of the organization is to evaluate the athlete’s academic, athletic and social situation to fit the college program that works for the individual.

As a former college basketball player I understand that as a student-athlete basketball is only one component of the college experience. The athletes that we work with here at Drive4stardum we work within the NCAA’s guidelines collaborate with guidance counselors and officials to make sure individuals have met the required criteria to be recruited. Additionally we know when and where a college coach can evaluate and recruit a high school basketball player.​