“Without Coach Donta, Drive4Stardum would be just another basketball organization; Coach Donta is what makes it special. He is easily the best coach I have ever played under in any sport.” 

“AAU Basketball is easily my favorite program offered at Drive4Stardum. AAU is an opportunity to play at basically the highest level for high school students and prepare players to play in college.”

–Peter Tomasiello​ – Wake Forest

“Coach Johnson put a lot of focus on individual skill development along with team drills. Coach Donta is truly a players coach that helps his players get to where they want to go.”

–Ethan Bradford O’Day – University of Vermont

“I currently have both my 11-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son in training with Donta Johnson. Simply put, if your child is committed to becoming a better basketball player in ALL facets of the game, training with DRIVE 4 STARDUM is the answer!”

“Donta possesses an uncanny ability to get the very best out of his students in creative, unique ways. He immediately recognizes weaknesses and helps improve on them in a very positive manner. Keeping it fun, while driving his players to strive to be the very best they can be.”

–Darren – Berlin, Connecitcut

“…I feel as though the program has benefited me by not only greatly enhancing my
basketball abilities, but it has also taught me a countless number of life lessons and skills along the way.”

“I would recommend Coach Johnson and the Drive4Stardum program to any middle school or high school student who is seriously interested in their academics and improving their basketball game. The tools that you will gather in your time with the program will become a fundamental piece of who you are as a person and benefit you greatly, both on and off of the court.”

–Shawn Strickland – Bates College